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close-up photograph of a cluster of dark grapes with water droplets on them, against a black background. The grapes are in sharp focus, highlighting their textures and the reflections on the water droplets, which suggest freshness. The dark tones of the grapes stand out against the dark background, creating a moody and sophisticated atmosphere. This type of image could be used by a consulting company like theFactor, which specializes in the alcoholic beverage sector, to evoke the quality and depth of flavors that can be found in wines and other grape-based alcoholic products. The image conveys a sense of premium quality and could be associated with luxury wine brands or high-end product lines.

Reimagining the adult beverage experience. 

New Thinking.

Depth of Knowledge.

Leading Innovation.

The hallmarks that set us apart.

We’re a strategic consulting firm, uniquely positioned to reimagine the adult beverage category as a lifestyle vertical to drive business growth for our clients.​ ​

Tackling all the factors that impact the customer engagement experience, we redefine the business strategy to deliver a progressive solution that leverages the exponential growth in the category and consumer demand.​

Bridging strategy, content & partnerships to deliver the next generation customer engagement.​ 

How do you drive business growth? We forge strategic alliances. From industry collaborations to innovative sponsorships, we impact revenue generation in alcoholic beverages by creating a network of like-minded partners. Integrating their expertise and market access to amplify your presence and customer experience. These partnerships are tailored to reduce expenses, drive revenue and long-term profitability.


Focusing Your Sights on Growth
Men pouring a drink in a bar

What makes your story unforgettable? It’s content. We create captivating narratives through themed tastings, featuring standout brands and programs. Influencer hosts, renowned winemakers, expert distillers, and celebrity sommeliers become the voices of your story, enriching your brand's appeal and value. Our content is designed to not only engage but also educate and inspire your audience, while elevating your customer’s experience.


Crafting Your Story
The image showcases an array of liquor bottles displayed on backlit shelves, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The backlighting emphasizes the rich colors and shapes of the bottles, ranging from deep amber to vibrant blues and reds. The symmetrical arrangement of the bottles against the geometric shelving creates a visually striking and organized display, reminiscent of a high-end bar or a liquor store's premium section. This presentation style conveys a sense of variety and luxury, which would align well with a consulting company like theFactor that specializes in the alcoholic beverage industry. It suggests a curated selection that could represent the company's expertise in offering a diverse and sophisticated range of products to its clients.

How do you capitalize on the complex wine and spirits category? A thoughtful strategy is the only way. We focus on the market dynamics, compliance adherence, distributor integration and product accessibility. We specialize in market segmentation, facilitating both regional and national brand engagements. The cornerstone of our strategy is ensuring a seamless process and effective execution, paving the way for success.


Navigating Your Path to Success
The image captures a vibrant moment at a bar, where a bartender's hand is elegantly spritzing a citrus zest over a well-crafted cocktail, causing tiny droplets to scatter in a fine mist. The cocktail itself is a rich amber color, and it's presented in a classic stemmed glass which is placed on the bar top. The background is dimly lit, with soft glows reflecting off the bottles, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere. The action of spritzing adds a sense of freshness and artistry, suggesting a high level of care and expertise in the drink's preparation. This setting and action embody the essence of a sophisticated nightlife experience and would resonate well with the branding of a consulting company in the alcoholic beverage industry, such as theFactor, highlighting their focus on quality, refinement, and the sensory nuances of enjoying premium beverages.


We are fully immersed in the adult beverage category with a deep-rooted foundation in the global sports, entertainment and lifestyle industry.

Diane Karle

In this image, a poised woman stands at a bar, holding a glass of red wine. She is dressed in a stylish camel-colored blazer over a crisp white shirt, paired with jeans, exuding a professional yet approachable aura. Behind her, shelves stocked with an array of wine bottles and spirits form a rich tapestry of colors and labels, suggesting a well-curated selection. Her confident smile and relaxed posture in the midst of such an assortment communicate expertise and a passion for the world of wine and spirits. This type of imagery would be fitting for theFactor, a consulting company in the alcoholic beverage industry, as it portrays the knowledge and warmth that could be part of their service in guiding clients through the complexities of wine and spirit selections, marketing, and consumer experiences.

CEO & Founder 

Steve Kerepesi

The photograph portrays a close-up of a middle-aged man with a friendly demeanor. He is wearing large, round glasses and a casual gray t-shirt, with a slight smile on his face that reaches his eyes, giving him an approachable and warm appearance. The background is blurred with hints of greenery, suggesting an outdoor setting that adds to the natural and relaxed vibe of the image. The man's well-groomed beard and stylish glasses convey a sense of modern sophistication. This type of image could be used in various professional contexts, including personal branding, to convey confidence, experience, and a welcoming personality.

Partner & Co-Founder

"The wine and spirits sector is at a tipping point, under significant transformation and explosive growth, yet the approach to engaging customers remains one-dimensional, complex and predictable. As a major business driver, this category has ignited innovation and new strategies for the next generation of consumer experiences. Leveraging this dynamic transformation while simplifying its complexities is what we do.”

Our Work

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